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Type: for Science, Inc.


Qonote is a new way to leave comments on anything you’ve found, read, seen, or heard on the web. I was tired of my comments and thoughts disappearing into the abyss, so I created Qonote to store them all in one, social place. Request a beta invite here to get started, I'd love to know what you think!

Type: Personal project



Orbts allows users to simply navigate through the history of humans in space through an extensive image archive. Missions, people, places, and things are easily searchable and savable. Connect with your friends to see what they're finding, and add to your own collection of images to never lose track of your favorites. 

Type: Personal project


An internal chat system designed for a client, allowing for the easy transference of files within a conversation in both a desktop Mac app, and a mobile application.

Type: Freelance / Client: Havas Media


Capsule helps you categorize thoughts and moments in your life through photos and words. Like a diary, Capsule is a private place for you to write, remember, and associate images with feelings. 

Type: Personal project



Inventory helps you track and search through your belongings. Inspired by the fact that we acquire, consume, and then lose or throw away material belongings, Inventory aims to assist users in understanding the things hey own and use.

Type: Personal project



Mobile site design for Tyson chicken. The client wanted to emphasize the easy and available recipes suggested by Tyson, as well as the ability to add products to a shopping list.

Type: Freelance / Client: Havas Media



ViewQ allows users to categorize and save videos for future viewing. Think of it as your queue for online videos, a way to sort through the mess of cats, movie trailers, and music videos. 

Type: Personal project



A concept for a utility to help New Yorkers to find free and open public wifi networks provided by the city.

Type: Personal project