Twitter Moment Maker

Twitter Moment Maker

When Twitter Moments first launched only editors employed by Twitter were able to publish in this unique new format. Eventually the ability to create Moments was opened up to everyone. I designed the consumer-facing Android experience, allowing any Twitter user to create their own Moments.

Read more about how to make a Moment here or about the launch here.

My role: Product design (Android) 
Completed while employed at Twitter, Inc.

Add Tweet.png

Add any Tweet to a Moment.

Your moments.png

Or go to your list of Moments and tap "create new."


The "canvas" is where you edit and arrange your Moment.

Any user.png

Add Tweets from any user.


Browse through Tweets as they'd appear in your Moment.

Select Tweet.png

Select a Tweet or multiple Tweets to add to your Moment.


Text Tweets can have different background colors.

Select color.png

Select a color.


Edit a Moment's title and description.


Choose a cover photo from your photo library, or choose an image from any Tweet in your Moment.

Cropping 1.png

Crop an image to make it fit nicely within a Moment's aspect ratio.

Cropping 2



Publish your Moment.


Share your new Moment with a Tweet.