Twitter Engage

Twitter Engage

"Twitter Engage gives creators, celebrities, and public figures a better way to connect with fans and influencers. It's the perfect tool for the people that make and share new video content every day and want to understand and grow their audience on Twitter."

I worked on all aspects of the design of Twitter Engage alongside product managers and engineers from initial brainstorming sessions to launch. The result was a standalone iOS app, which allowed influencers to better interact with and track their success on the Twitter platform. Twitter Engage was retired in spring of 2017.

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My role: Product design
Completed while employed at Twitter, Inc.


Advanced analytics

See your performance on Twitter. The "live" section on top shows how many impressions, likes, Retweets, and replies you've received since your last post.

Filter your stats by different durations of time.

A 24 hour period.

Engage 4.png

A 30 day period.

A 90 day period.


Monetize your Twitter content directly in the app through Twitter's Amplify program or Niche (another Twitter product allowing creators to make deals with brands for sponsored content).

Engage 7.png

View all your latest posts in the app.

You can also compose a new Tweet directly in Engage.

Engage 8.png

Viewing analytics for a specific post.

Scroll below a Tweet for more details.

Filter by just photos and GIFs.

Or text Tweets only.